Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Thanksgiving was a beautiful day and I hope everyone was able to share the day with family and friends.  We are certainly blessed with good fortune to live in the United States and enjoy the abundance we have come to accept as normal.  Our parent organization, Rotary International, reaches people and places throughout our world that are not nearly as fortunate as us.  When you give to the Rotary International Trust, you help fund not only local projects, but activities all around the world.  So please, do what you can and donate to Rotary International Trust Fund.  RI is a responsible steward and your contribution will be used to help those not as fortunate as any of us.
Speaking of helping, we have two tasks to complete before this year runs out.  Our Club committed to help the Rocky River Assistance Program with 20 gift cards for their Christmas effort.  Please pick up a $10-20.00 gift card and bring it to the meeting this Wednesday.  We are also committed to helping the Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation program with their food distribution.  We need helpers Friday evening, December 15th, to sort and package bread about 6:30 PM.  This takes about an hour or two.  Saturday morning, the 16th, we gather about 8:30 AM to package everything up and distribute food to needy families in Lakewood.  The turnout on this Saturday event is usually a little sparse, so please make an effort to help.  This is a hands on project that does not require you to spend money, just a little time.
Two other things that are very important as we get close to closing out 2018.  We need to elect three new Board Members and I think we can complete that task at our meeting.  The other is auction and raffle items for our February 9th event are needed.  Please remember that the money we raise will be used to support Club activities in the 2018/2019 Rotary year that begins on July 1st.  We need everyone to get behind this effort.    
This Wednesday our speaker will be Corporal Herman Williams, USMC, speaking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and his journey.  This is a disorder that afflicts many military, first responders and others that have experienced a traumatic event.  I hope to see all of you Wednesday.