Greetings Rotarians,                                                                    
Today I received notice that one of my dear friends is facing a health crisis in his life.  He has always been healthy and now he is having to face being told that he has a terminal illness. When I learned of this news it started me thinking about just how quick things can change in our lives.
Change will always be a part of our lives and how we choose to deal with it will always be a part of our challenge. This past weekend as I attended the District Conference business meeting I learned about new changes and directives from Rotary International.
One thing that was particular exciting to me was the emphasis away from weekly attendance and more on member engagement. This is something that our club started a year ago and has continued to practice this past year. Coming weekly to our meetings is great but the real growth and experience occurs in Rotary while you are engaged with other club members in a service project.
Some of my most memorable experiences with Rotary are those times when I worked with many of you filling food bags at Thanksgiving or trimming weeds and bushes at the Beck Center or helping to feed families at the Hospice Center.
Our club is changing and growing and what always stays the same is the fellowship and concern that each of you show toward one another. This is truly service above self. Sometimes it is just a kind word or other times a pot of soup being taken to a member or just a friendly hello. It is comforting to know that I have a Rotary family and that if I ever need anything any of you would be there for me.
So change will always be with us. But one thing that helps us to deal with change is supportive people in our lives. Rotary can and does offer that support. Thank you to all of you for your service, your examples and your commitment to be of service to others.
Please mark your calendars for May 4th.  We will be meeting at the Lakewood High School Ranger Café as we celebrate the young people of WEST Shore Career Tech. Join us for breakfast. Cost is $10 and you can contact myself or Carroll for tickets.
In addition please save the date of June 18th. This will be our annual Charter night as well as a fundraiser for our club.
Dave Clements