Dear Rotarians and Friends,
It is very difficult to pen an uplifting message when the news is filled with the details of the tragic events in Las Vegas.  Couple this with the impact weather has had in our country and territories recently and you might think everything we know and love is lost.  But I think it ought to motivate each of us to continue to do our part, big and small, “Making A Difference” in our community and world.  So harness your passion, give thanks and work to make things better at every level possible.
This week’s meeting is Club Assembly.  We will report on any Board actions and we will gather by Committee to discuss our plans and activities.  We will also converse about our upcoming Fund Raiser in February 2018.  Please bring to our meeting any items you have for this event.  The idea is that every month we all do our part by bringing in an item or two and before long we have the makings of a good auction.        
Wednesday we will also swear in our newest member, Kim Murphy, Director at O’Neill Healthcare in Lakewood.  Let’s all welcome Kim and get her involved in our Club and make belonging to our Club a meaningful experience.   I look forward to seeing everyone this week.