Greetings Rotarians,
It appears that winter has finally arrived in NE Ohio.  I must admit as I walked outside this morning the snow on the trees did provide a beautiful view of nature and all of her wonder. Just think, in another month we will be celebrating spring. 
Last week many of you came to Ames Family Hospice and helped to serve dinner to the patients and their families as well as the staff at the facility. A big thank you to for Maureen for putting this service project together.
An article came across my in box this past week that I wanted to share with all of you regarding just how Rotary can be of service in a community that is going thru crisis.  
“Rotary members respond to Flint, Michigan, water crisis” By Amy Krug, president of the Rotary Club of Flint, Michigan, USA
“We have been heartened by the outpouring of support from Rotary members in response to the water crisis in our city of Flint, Michigan. In April of 2014, a switch in the source of water from Lake Huron to the Flint River without an appropriate corrosive control plan resulted in erosion of pipe scale, lead solder, and lead copper joints which allowed the release of this lead into our water supply.
While the crisis is now news throughout the United States, work has been taking place on the ground for many months. Systems are in place to begin to address the immediate needs of families impacted by this emergency. Fire stations, churches, and community partners have been serving as points of access for families in need of water or water filters, while local agencies have been collecting and distributing donations as they come in. We have been working with Rotary clubs throughout our area to coordinate some of this generous response”
It is good to know that all of us are a part of something that in communities all over the world dedicated and responsive Rotarians come together to give service and to band together around projects in their communities that do and are making a difference.
I invite each of you to join us for our meeting this week where we can come together and be a part of the Rotarian community.