Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Years ago I had a sports team coach that told me that it was more important to be available to play every game than to be the best player that played occasionally.  Rotary is a little bit like that.  Rotary meeting attendance means engagement, which equates to effectiveness and results.  Not too many years ago, Rotary was adamant about meeting attendance and in recent years they have relaxed that policy.  You can make up meetings with other clubs, make up online or just plain miss the meeting.  But attending weekly meetings helps build comradery and keeps you in the know about projects and other activities.  So my ask is that you do your level best to make as many meetings as you can.  Our Club’s strength is in our members and we need everyone pulling as a team.  
Happenings Outside of Rotary
Oct 19  5-7:30 PM at Forage in Lakewood.  Noon /Sunrise Social Mixer.
Oct 20  11:30 AM Luncheon at Brennan’s.  Cleveland Clinic presenting on “Can Lakewood become the Healthiest City in America?”  Lakewood CC
Oct 21  TBA  Halloween Party for the Exchange Students & Interact Students.  Kristen Senger.
Oct 26  11:30 AM Luncheon at Westwood CC.  Dave Johnson presents Cleveland's Winning Streak Continues...On and Off the Field  Rocky River CC
Oct 28  8-10:00 AM.  Beck Center Clean Up.  Bill Gaydos.
Nov 4   10:00-2:30 PM  Interaction Event at Cuyahoga Falls HS.  Interact from Lutheran and Lakewood HS.
Nov 16  11:15 am.  Lakewood/Rocky River Joint Luncheon at Westwood CC.
Our Guest Speakers
Oct 18  Bryce Sylvester.  Economic Dev. In Lakewood.
Oct 25  Andi Udris.  Hofbrau House.
Nov      Rotary Foundation Month.
Nov 1   John Pyke.  Rocky River Metro Park History.
Nov 15 Walking the Appalachian Trail.
Nov 22 Bob Buck.  Peppers Restaurant in Lakewood.
See you Wednesday.