Happy Holidays Rotarians!
This year our Club will be helping needy families in Rocky River through the Rocky River Assistance Program.
There are two opportunities to assist - we are calling on all Rotarians to help out.
  • We have been assigned two families - one with a 5 year old boy and one with a 10 year old boy. We need six volunteers to purchase gifts for these boys. These gifts will be given on behalf of our club so you will be reimbursed for the cost of the gift. None of the gifts should cost over $25. Please let me know if you would be willing to volunteer to do this and I'll let you know what to buy. This needs to happen quickly as gifts need to be collected by Weds. 12/2 at Bill Minnich's party.
  • We are asking all Rotarians to purchase a gift card between $10 and $15 to be distributed to the RRAP families. These gift cards are a big hit with teenagers but any type of gift card will work. We will collect these gift cards at Bill's house as well.
Thanks for assisting RRAP!
Warmest Regards,
Community Service Committee