Greetings Rotarians,
We are moving into that time of graduation, and other life time events that cause changes to occur in our lives. Some of you may have children or grandchildren who will be graduating this year. Others may be finishing up their own studies and some may be anticipating other changes such as a move, new job new responsibilities. Whatever is happening in each of your lives it is always comforting for me to know that when we embrace these changes and events we always end up learning and growing.
As I look to a summer full of travels to many different countries I relish in the fact that I will have to deal with change and adaptability on a daily basis.  I can’t help but think about other Rotarians all over the world and the changes and adaptability that many of them face on a daily basis. We truly are blest in this country to enjoy the freedoms and the lifestyle that we enjoy.
When we started this journey together back in July I asked each of you to write down on a slip of paper what you were going to do this year to be a blessing to the world. At our event in June I will bring out those slips of paper and post them on a board. I would hope that many of you have been that blessing this past year.
On Thursday June 16 at Clifton Beach we will come together to celebrate this past year, to raise funds for the coming year and to present awards to many of you. I would hope that all of you will plan on coming to enjoy this event with your friends, club members and community leaders.
Please plan on coming to Rotary this week as it is our club assembly and you will have the opportunity to begin to plan and create budgets for the coming year. I also have been told that a wonderful skit will be presented to kick off the marketing for our event in June. Have a great week and I hope to see all of you at Rotary.
Dave Clements