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Good Morning Rotarians,

Fall weather has descended upon us and before we know it the Holidays will be staring us in the face. Our Rotary year is moving along briskly as well.  Take a look back with me on what we have accomplished as a club so far. In July I asked each of you to do two things this year. The first was to write down on a piece of paper what you were going to do this year to be a gift to the world. The second thing was to write down on a form the committee that you wished to serve on this coming year.


Our committees are Administration, Publicity, Membership, Foundation, and Club Service which includes the 5 avenues of service: Club, Community, Youth, Vocational, and International. Most of you have chosen to be on a committee. Our committee structure is the life line of our rotary club. Service is at the heart of Rotary and that is the reason why many of you joined.

As your president I am now asking each of you to honor that commitment that you made to serve on a committee and plan to attend our club meeting on Wednesday October 7th.   Club assemblies are always important club meetings but this one is very important. At this meeting your committee will gather and make decisions on the projects, activities and direction that your committee wants to take.

As your president I cannot lead this club without your input and ideas. Many of you might feel and believe that the club is great but we haven’t done anything so far in regards to service and membership etc. You are correct. That being said since July as a club we have held a fundraiser, created and formed a foundation and finished a strategic plan. Each of these activities came about from your input back in February and March of this year. Several of you stepped forward and took the reins and served on the foundation planning committee, the fundraiser committee and the strategic plan. I thank you for your service.

Now is the time to put into place many of the ideas, hopes and dreams that came out of these activities. Club assemblies are one of the vehicles that we have as club members to really share our input, our ideas and our hopes and dreams. Please take advantage of our club assemblies. They will be held the first Wednesday of each month.

I thank each of you for the work that you do for Rotary and for our club. I appreciate your support. I have made a lot of mistakes and will continue and that is a good thing because that is the best way to learn. I look forward to seeing all of you this coming Wednesday at our club assembly. The list of committee assignments can be found on Club Runner as well as in past emails that I have sent out to you.

Dave Clements

Note: Committee Assignments file is on the left-hand column of this email.