Greetings Rotarians,
I so enjoyed last week’s meeting and the way in which all of you were engaged with your different committees on planning projects and events for our Rotary Club. This is what Rotary is all about. Many projects are in the planning stages and many are unfolding in the next weeks and months ahead. Thank you to all of you for being engaged and for stepping up and helping to make our club and work that we do effective and memorable.
As you know what we do takes money and that is why we will be holding a fundraiser the end of April, first part of May. A group of club members met last week and are working out the details so stay tuned and in the next few weeks we will be announcing the plans.  This fundraiser is being designed to be a fun activity that will be affordably priced so that club members can bring their families and friends at a reasonable cost. If you have concerns, issues, or want to be a part of the planning committee, please talk to myself or Mark.
This week’s speaker is William DiMascio. He is from the West Shore Career Tech. Each year our club has sponsored a breakfast where we honor the accomplishments of students that are part of this program. Bill will be talking about the program as well as the plans that are in place this year for the breakfast that our club will be sponsoring. Please plan to attend and to learn more about this great organization and all that they do to prepare and provide opportunities for high school students in Westlake, Bay Village, Rocky River and Lakewood communities.
Our club is also involved in helping to serve dinner on Thursday at 5:30. Maureen is still looking for volunteers to assist her with this service project. Thank you again for all that all of you do for Rotary. Have a great week and hope to see many of you at our meeting this week.
Dave Clements