Dear Rotarians, 
A new year has begun and we are officially half way through our Rotary year. It seems like yesterday we were just beginning this journey together. As I look to the next six months I would hope that as a club we will continue to grow and to be a place where club members feel welcome, share in fellowship and work side-by-side performing service to this community.
This year’s theme is “Be a Gift to the World.” When I look back over the past six months I can see how many of you have been that gift to the club, to the community and to the world. Thank you for your commitment to Rotary and to wanting to be engaged in Service. 
As your president it is my hope that in these next six months as a club we will strengthen our committee work and that each of you will take the time to become engaged with the committee that you signed up with in July. The ideas, the organization and the set up and follow through that occurs in the committee 
work is the strength of our club. 
We now have our newly created foundation and it my hope that in these next six months that our foundation will begin to meet and carry out the work that it was created to do. Our fellow Noon club in 2016 will be giving away to qualified candidates well over $56,000 in grants. We have a long ways to go but at least we now have a foundation that can begin to grant monies to worthy candidates.
Membership is the life blood of any organization and it is my hope that we will be able to have four additional new members become a part of our club in these next months. We all know people who would make great Rotarians. I challenge each of you to reach down and start inviting your friends and associates to a Rotary meeting.
Serving in the leadership in a Rotary club is always challenging but very fulfilling. In these next few months we have opportunities for club members to serve on our Rotary Club board. For those of you who have had this opportunity in the past I invite you to consider stepping up and volunteer to serve again. Mark Ondrejech will become our President starting in July and he could use some experienced Rotarians to advise him and assist him on the board.
As always I thank each of you for your support, your ideas and for being the leaders that you are. Let’s make these next six months a great experience for all and let’s all continue to work together, play together and to serve together. 
Please start the year off in a good way by coming to Rotary on Wednesday. We will be having out monthly club assembly and you need to be there to share your ideas and to offer your support. After the meeting on Wednesday morning I will be getting on an airplane to fly to Chicago and beyond. I will be gone until February 1st. I shall miss all of you but leave you in good hands with Mark and the members of our Leadership team. Thank you again for this opportunity.
Dave Clements