Dear Rotarians and Friends,
This past Wednesday evening we had a Club Social gathering at Ken & Kathy Haber’s home in lieu of our morning meeting. The Haber’s did a fabulous job hosting the Club, our significant others and our newest
Exchange Student, Maria Drummond, and her host family.  The backyard setting was perfect, the food was great and the beverages flowed.  It was just an all-around special night for our Club.  Maria was tasked
to draw the winner of the 50/50 raffle.  That saw the winner, a friend of Steve Clark, take home $685.00.  She also drew the winning ticket for the necklace generously donated by Broestl & Wallis.  Kent Zeman’s
wife was the lucky recipient and she wore her new jewelry home.  It was just a great night and we had nearly every member in attendance.
This coming Wednesday we will hear from Margaret McIlwee, a Lakewood High Student, about her experience as an outbound exchange student sponsored by our Club.  Personally, I’ve always enjoyed these
presentations and I’m always taken by the maturity and thoughtfulness of these young High School Students.  Our Club can be proud of our ongoing support and sponsorship of incoming and outgoing exchange
students and our other youth programs.  We will also discuss our February Auction Fund Raiser as well as touch on new Membership opportunities. 
I hope to see you next Wednesday.