Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We’re close to the end of March and I don’t have all of my “To Do’s” checked off for this month.  That of course reminds me that we all need to get cracking on our taxes.  Albert Einstein once said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax”.  I get it, I understand it, although I often have mixed emotions when the money gets redistributed to all of the groups that lay claim to our income.  So while it can be painful and sometimes you feel the tax burden is unfair, I try to keep in mind how lucky we are to earn money and by necessity, pay taxes.  We are all fortunate, in addition to being very resourceful.  It’s our personal hard work and good fortune that make it possible to be a Rotarian and share our talent and resources in helping others.  The great thing about the time and money you invest with Rotary is that you have some modicum of control over its use. 
As a Club we do a lot of different things, all member driven and resourced.  Please continue to think about the things we do and how we can improve our delivery and product.  If you want to add, delete, modify or just leave something alone, we need your voice, your input.  Our Club will be developing our Budget for the new year in the next month and your input is critical.  Be an agent of Rotary, “Make A Difference” and help your Club grow and thrive. Everyone’s opinion is important, please be heard.  
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See you Wednesday.