Dear Rotarians and Friends,
MARCH, “March Madness”.  I think of the NCAA basketball tournament when I hear “March Madness”.  It has to be the greatest playoff style event in sports.  Even if your not a fan of basketball or any particular team, it just presents the best there is in an athletic event.  “March Madness” also means the start of Daylight Savings Time.  I think this is a “Madness” that has been perpetuated since its inception in the United States in 1918, a hundred years ago.  Since then it has been debated, changed back and forth and ignored by some States. Now that is “Madness”.  We have a certain amount of “Madness” in everyday life.  Through the centuries crazy people have done lots of crazy stuff.  Now we have exponentially more people on earth and we have a whole lot more “Madness”.  Our weather in March always displays a touch of “Madness”.  You expect more 40 degree days and you get 25.  You expect clearer skies and you get snow.  I think the secret is to remain calm, focused and upbeat and make the best of your life in spite of the “Madness” around us all.  Whether your team wins or loses, you awaken in the dark, it snows or shines and you feel like the
crazies are winning, take in a deep breath and push ahead.  We out number the crazies and all the “Madness”.
While you ponder that deep philosophical outpouring, think of the good Rotary does in our communities and worldwide.  Think about what we do as a Club and what we could do.  Are you the architect of the next project and Club endeavor?  It’s that time of year when we look at our activities
and budget for the new Rotary year that begins July 1. 2018.  So bring your ideas and wish list and help us make our Club stronger and ever more effective while you enjoy what is the “Madness” of March.  See you all Wednesday.    
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