Dear Rotarians and Friends,
AUCTION, AUCTION, AUCTION. I’m sure many of you are weary of hearing about our upcoming Auction Fund Raiser February 9th.  It’s my job and obligation to the Club to promote and cajole each and every Club Member to get maximum participation.  The event will be the financial lifeblood of the Club this next Rotary year.  The deadline for Auction items to be listed in the program is this Wednesday.  Lottery tickets, invited guests, tickets you sell to acquaintances, that deadline is the beginning of the following week.
In our Club we have over achievers for the Auction and unfortunately non-achievers and everything in between.  Where are you in this picture?  The Club belongs to the members, the members pick the activities and projects, the Club Treasury tries to fund the activities. The connection is obvious.
It’s not too late to invite guests and sell tickets.  It is the least you can do and should do.  I understand we all belong by choice and you may choose not to participate by choice, what does that say?  Once the Auction is behind us we return to our regular program of guest speakers and the monthly Club Assembly.  I can’t wait.  I feel like I have been brow beating everyone with this same refrain and for that I apologize.  So for the last time, please get on board, do your part and I promise to leave you alone about fundraising.
These last 3-4 months we have gained three new members, Kim Murphy, Kevin Beirne and Bob Hamed.  I’m grateful for their willingness to join and participate.  To keep them on track and provide them with a good understanding of Rotary and our Club, I would like three volunteers to help mentor them and handle questions and concerns that my come along.  Who’s going to step up to this task?   This is an important obligation we have as a Club to make certain a new member understands what and why we do things, educate them a little on the District and facilitate their integration into our Club.  I’ll be waiting in the wings to see who steps up. 
So for the last News update it’s all about AUCTION, AUCTION, AUCTION.