Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Winter, Spring like and back to Winter.  We are on the weather roller coaster that is so typical of northern Ohio.  It sort of mirrors life with up and downs, success and set-backs, but we persevere.  Our Club is a little like that too.  We’ve had crazy growth, some modest decline, unbridled enthusiasm and doldrums, a plethora of activities and then a slow-down.  It’s the rhythm of life and Rotary is not any different.  It’s up to each of us to make our life meaningful and Rotary can and should be a part of that effort.
We have our Auction Fund Raiser in about three weeks.  We have had some members chasing hard and others on the sideline.  It’s time for everyone to get engaged and be part of this effort. We have a deadline of January 31st for Auction Items.  It is truly time to get in gear.  If you haven’t done so already, this is your personal to do list to get help you get involved:
-Solicit Auction Items.
-Bring your Wine, Beer, Liquor and Lottery Tickets to the meeting.
-Invite guests or acquaintances to the event.
-Commit to help in any way you can Auction day.  .   
The success of the Auction resides with all of us and it will make funding activities this next year possible.  Remember the Club is a reflection of its membership.
This Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM we have an off site volunteer project to help the Rocky River Assistance Program sort and package food for needy families in Rocky River.  It usually takes an hour or so and then we will adjourn to Herb's Tavern.  The RRAP is in the MRD Building which is set back off Detroit Rd. just east of ACE hardware.  Come help out and enjoy some social time with your fellow members.
See you Wednesday.