Dear Rotarians and Friends,
This week Wednesday at our meeting we will host Charles Eversole, Director of the Singing Angels.  Charles will lead our Club in singing Christmas Carols and other songs.  You don’t want to miss the meeting.  Charles is really talented and he makes the morning fun and memorable.  So take care of your voice.  We will also do our traditional Christmas book exchange among the attendees.  So please take the time to select a book from your personal collection, wrap it and bring it with you Wednesday.  While our official Club Santa has moved to South Africa, we will do our best to come up with a stand in.
This past Friday evening and Saturday morning a number of your fellow Rotarians helped with the LCAC Food Distribution at the Masonic Temple in Lakewood.  Our member, Sabine from Breadsmith, provided over 300 loaves of bread for the event.  Friday night when we wrapped and counted out the bread, the basement of the Masonic Hall smelled like a bakery and it stirred everyone’s appetite.  There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread.  Thank you Sabine.
Our focus moving into the close of 2017 and the New Year is our Auction Fund Raiser in February.  So in the midst of shopping and preparing for Christmas, add the need for donations for the auction, your personal guest list and whatever else you can do to make this a great success.  This is our only big annual event and we need everyone to step up and help.  See you Wednesday.  Don’t forget your voice and a book or two.