Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We had a modest, but adequate, turnout for the Beck Center Cleanup.  It was drizzly and cool, but your fellow Rotarians made fast action of the work under the watchful eye of our organizer, Bill Gaydos. A “Thank You” to:  Jim Penning, Jim Rowe, Jim Harris, Mike Hamed, Lynda Carter, Maria Drummond, Bill Gaydos and myself.  We had plenty of nutritious doughnuts and hot coffee.  Can you have too many doughnuts? Each year the task gets easier as we seem to have been able to get ahead and stay ahead of the project.  If only our Browns could be so fortunate to get ahead and stay ahead.
Marty Harris has brought our Club the opportunity to read to elementary students at Harrison School in Lakewood.  The program is intended to give children that are struggling a helping hand.  Isn’t that what we do??  The teachers at the same school have provided us with another opportunity, this time to help them.  On the day of Parent Teacher conferences usually the school PTA puts on an early dinner meal for the teachers.  The PTA is not functioning well and they have asked us for help.  Marty and Dave Bruedigam will discuss this and bring any special requirements to the members.  More information at our meeting.
November is Rotary International Foundation Month.  Jim Penning will discuss the importance of the Foundation for a few minutes at each meeting this month. We all need to continue to support the International Foundation and the many things that the money supports.  I realize this time of year everyone is shaking the money tree and RI is not much different in terms of financial needs.  What sets RI apart from the vast majority of non-profits is the stewardship and frugal management of the foundation assets.  Rotary International has a very low administrative expense and the distribution of much of the funds is managed at the local level to include international projects.
Our rotary calendar looks like this:
Nov 1    John Pyke.   History of the RR Metro Park
Nov 6    Club Assembly  Committee Break Out, Fund Raiser, Board Nominees
Nov 15  Walking the Appalachian Trail
Nov 22  Bob Buck.  Peppers Restaurant
Outside of our Rotary Club Meeting:
Nov 4    Interaction Event at Cuyahoga Falls HS.  Interact  from Lutheran West HS & Lakewood HS Clubs
Nov 16  Lakewood & RR Chamber Joint Luncheon at WW CC
Nov 17  Bread gathering and sorting at the Masonic Temple, LCAC
Nov 18  Food packaging at the Masonic Temple, LCAC   
In your daily life, don’t forget the “ASK”.  Are you interested in Rotary??  Would you like to donate and/or attend our Fund Raiser on February 9, 2018.
Keep “Making A Difference”.