Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Good weather has continued to smile upon us.  I'm hopeful everyone is taking advantage and getting their outdoor activity fix.  No doubt we will pay the price this winter, so make the best of it.  Our Interact and Exchange students at Lakewood HS have been busy.  This weekend they had a party at Kirsten Senger's home and they are busy getting the Shelter Box display set up at LHS.  They are selling painted rocks and challenging other groups to get involved to raise money to buy a Shelter Box for hurricane relief.
Our guest speaker last week was Bryce Sylvester, the Director of Planning and Development for Lakewood.  He did a great job presenting everything happening in Lakewood.  Our guest speaker this week is a good friend of Dave Schaeffer, Andi Udris.  Andi wears many hats, Economic Dev. Director for Brooklyn, CSU Professor and a co-owner of the Hofbrauhaus downtown.  On the horizon we have:
Nov 1    John Pyke - History of the Rocky River Reservation
Nov  8   Club Assembly
Nov 15  Walking the Appalachian Trail
Nov 22  Bob Buck - Peppers Restaurant, Lakewood
Nov 29  Corporal Herman Williams, USMC
Dec  6  Club Assembly
Dec 13  Vocational Presentation
Outside of our Club Meetings:
Oct 26  RRCC luncheon at Westwood CC. Dave Johnson on Cleveland's Winning Streak
Oct 28  Beck Ctr. Clean Up 8-10 AM
Oct 30  Noon Club Fred Mcleod with a 2017/18 CAVS update.  RSVP Noon Club if you plan to attend.
Nov 4   10:00 am to 2:00 pm Interaction event at Cuyahoga Falls HS.  Lutheran West & Lakewood HS.
Nov 16 Lakewood/RR CC joint luncheon at Westwood CC.
I will be out of town this Wednesday and Jim Rowe will run the meeting.
All the best,