Dear Rotarians and Friends,
The weather outside is Hot, Hot, Hot.  Maybe it's the old "We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave" or maybe it's just the fabled "Indian Summer".  In any event, enjoy the warmth while it lasts.  Our normal high this time of year is in the upper 60's.  And yes, the leaves are turning and college football is moving into it's fourth week already.  While our weather is unpredictable, how about those Indians??  October will be interesting for all of us Cleveland Indians fans and the predictions are good for the post season.
On the Rotary front, this week at our meeting our own, Carol Barrett, will share why she "Stays in Lakewood".  I'll bet we all have a variety of reasons why we reside where we do and I'm sure many of them will mirror Carol's feelings.  I'm looking forward to Carol's presentation and I'm sure it will cause us all to reflect on the communities we live and work in and what we can continue to do to "Make A Difference".
Please open your heart, home and any special activity to our exchange student Maria.  Our Club's obligation is to make her experience as full and meaningful as we can.  It could be a movie, dinner out, a neighborhood block party, a museum trip, maybe a ballgame.  Whatever.  Our Club Board voted at the last Board Meeting to support the exchange program in the 2018-2019 Rotary year.  The financial obligation is the easy piece of this commitment.  The real work is host families, a good cultural experience and integrating our guest into our own lives.  Think about what you can do to "Make A Difference" in Maria's life.
Enjoy the warmth.