Dear Rotarians & Friends,
Watching the weather in Texas and Florida these past few weeks has been difficult.  These historic weather events are devastating and they will change life’s trajectory for many of the people of these areas.  So many people live on that ragged edge and these events can be more than they can manage.  Think of these folks and what you can do to “Make A Difference”.   In a recent publication, the greater Cleveland area was rated the second safest metropolitan area to live in following Syracuse for our weather extremes and geophysical considerations.  It’s good to be in an area that is predictable and safe even if it does get snowy and cold.
This past week at our meeting Marty Harris led the group discussion regarding our upcoming Fund Raising Event, February 8, 2018.  As you move through this week and into the near future, think about who you will invite to attend and what items you can source for the auction.  As you all know, for a variety of reasons we did not do a fund raiser this past year.  This puts added pressure on all of us to make this event a big success.
Each month our District #6630 publishes an online newsletter.  Mike Johns has shouldered this activity for many years and he does a great job.  He’s always looking for fresh material, usually with a direct Rotary connection, but occasionally an interest piece on someone or something noteworthy touched by a Rotarian in our District.  Do you have something you would like to share regarding our Club or an activity that would be of general interest??  Send it to Mike and become a contributor.  Let the District know what they are missing.  Speaking of the District, our own Kathy “Buckeye” Berkshire will continue to work as the Assistant District Governor at least for ceremonial purposes.  Thank you Kathy for your continued support to the District organization.
Tonight is our Club Board Meeting at the Lakewood Public Library.  This Wednesday’s meeting features Phil Ardussi from the Noon Club presenting “Rocky River, The Beginning”, a historical look at our city. This will be the first history piece by Phil and we also have Lakewood History coming soon as well.  Phil is a historian and photographer by avocation and will make our meeting entertaining and interesting. Wednesday evening is the Annual Clambake at Clifton Beach sponsored by the Noon Club.  A Clambake does mark the beginning of Fall.  
Go out today and “Make A Difference”.    See you Wednesday.