Thanks Chuck for leading through a casual but effective After Auction Review!
On the positive, there were many comments from club as well as guest that the Auction was a good time!  People had fun, the food was good and the format was good.  Everyone enjoyed the young people and especially having the 3 youth speakers.  
It was suggested that we keep the same format for next event.  Be content with size and expectations; don't try to grow too fast.  Make sure we test and adjust Audio volume in each area so we don't chase people from any area.  Check in and Check out had some bumps, but most thought it went pretty well.  We should however expand checkout stations for more efficiency.  We should detail contents of Top Hat baskets and silent auction grouping so community can understand what is included.  Cork Pull was a success; expand for next event.  Adjust timeline to allow for browsing and social.  Pace of the event was OK in spite of on the spot tweaking.  Live auction items need to be highlighted to allow participants a change to review; perhaps balloons at each item, pictures and detailed descriptions.  Live auction should start bidding at lower than published value to encourage bargain hunters to bid. 
We should probably keep number of baskets, top hats and live auction items near same number for next year.
If I missed anything, please speak up at our next meeting.
In addition, the Club decided to share proceeds with AYF in the amount of $3,000.00 and each Interact Club (Lutheran West and Lakewood) would get $350.00. 
Thanks for all you do to make our Club a great organization.