Our Vision: The Sunrise Rotary Club of Ohio offer the members the opportunity to participate in service projects, both locally and internationally, while meeting the Objective of Rotary International.

We are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more.

Lakewood and Rocky River SR

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
Don Umerley Civic Center
21016 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH  44116
United States
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Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We kicked off the Thanksgiving Holiday week with our annual participation at the Lakewood Charitable Assistance food distribution this past weekend. Friday evening we packaged and sorted three hundred loaves of bread donated by the Breadsmith in Lakewood.  We accumulate the bread over the entire year for distribution and the big push is always Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We store bread in freezers that the Club purchased years back.  Saturday morning the food is packaged up and delivered to families in need throughout Lakewood.  We had help from Bill Minnich, Jean Vahue, Bill Gaydos, Dave Schaeffer and the Harris family Friday evening.  Saturday we had Jim Rowe, Jim Penning, Dave Bruedigan, and Jim & Marty Harris. LCAC had us vastly outnumbered on both days with a record turnout.  That will not be the case for the Christmas weekend when help drops way off, so please plan to help on this project.
Our Lakewood HS Interact students are working hard to attain their goal of $2000.00 for the purchase of two Shelter Boxes.  This last week Wednesday, they raised $241.00, proceeds from the dine at Chipolte event. So far they have accumulated about $1600.00 and they are still working to hit their goal. A big “Thank You” goes out to Marty Harris and Kirsten Senger, both of whom are dedicated to these young people and the Interact Club.
This Wednesday would be a great day to bring to our meeting your latest offerings for our February Auction Fund Raiser.  With the Holidays upon us, I understand your time is shared with many other activities and pressures, so make this easy and get this completed sooner than later.  Please remember your individual efforts will support all of the things we do as a Club in the up-coming year.
This week our speaker is Bob Buck who operates Peppers Restaurant in Lakewood. The following week our guest will speak to us on his journey to recover from PTSD and his experience in the Marine Corps.  You don’t want to miss a meeting.  We always enjoy good camaraderie, good food, good speakers and all of this for a good cause.  I hope to see you Wednesday.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
I think it's official, Fall has arrived and Winter feels like it's closing fast.  Every November since the Club was Chartered over 10 years ago, our members have pitched in to help the Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corp. food distribution for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  This coming Friday evening, a handful of our members will sort and count bread we have accumulated thanks to the generosity of our member Sabine Kretzschmar and her husband who own Breadsmith in Lakewood.  They donate bread year around and for just these two distributions we will distribute 150-200 loaves of bread.  This bread will get bundled up with other foodstuffs for families in need in Lakewood.  We can’t thank Sabine and her husband enough for their continued support of the Club Project.  We have many other Club members that pick up and store bread.  Bill Gaydos, Marty & Jim Harris, Bill Minnich and who am I forgetting?  This coming Saturday the work continues with the packaging of the food and distributing throughout Lakewood.  It’s a great way to get in the giving Holiday spirit of the Holidays and do a little for those in need.
November is also the month we nominate and elect three new Board Members whose terms would begin July 1, 2018.  We have reached out to a few members, but it’s better if you just offer to serve.  Our meetings are held the first Monday of the month and the meeting lasts about an hour.  So please step forward and help your Club “Make A Difference”.  November is also the month we promote your participation in the Rotary International Foundation.  Jim Penning has presented information on this to the Club and he will mention it again.   Your support of the RI Foundation is a crucial part in our ability to provide outreach and help on projects in our backyard and beyond.  Please do what you can to support the RI Foundation and the important work being done all over the world.
Club Meeting Schedule:
Nov 15   Bill Gaydos Vocational Talk
Nov 22   Bob Buck, Peppers Restaurant in Lakewood
Club Activities Outside of our Meeting:
Nov 15  Chipotle Fund Raiser for our LHS Interact Club.  4-8 PM at 14881 Detroit Ave.
Nov 16  Joint Luncheon of the Lakewood & RR Chambers at Westwood CC.
Nov 17  LCAC Bread & Food sorting at the Masonic Temple in Lakewood.
Nov 18  LCAC Food packaging and delivery.  Masonic Temple in Lakewood.  
I hope to see everyone Wednesday morning.      
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Each month just seems to roll by faster and faster as we head toward the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.  So much to do and so little time, or at least it sometimes feels that way.  It can be difficult to be all things to all people, so do the best you can and be comfortable knowing you are doing more than most people with your volunteer time and efforts.  This past Saturday our Club’s Interact and Exchange Students spent Saturday at Cuyahoga Falls HS with young folks from throughout the District.  Barb Sabal, Marty Harris, Jean Vahue and our friend of Rotary, Kersten Senger, all gave time to support our students and others.  Thank you all.  Marty, Barb and Jean also spent time feeding teachers at Harrison Elementary School in Lakewood one day this past week.  Now that is commitment in “Making A Difference”.  I hope I did not omit anyone.
How can you individually make a more of a difference??  How about serving as a Board Member for your Club??  Each November we nominate and elect at least three (3) new Board Members to serve a three year term commencing July 1 of next year, 2018.  You need to be a Rotarian in our Club and be willing to meet once a month for an hour or so to discuss everything we need to manage and grow our Club.  If you have never done it, volunteer.  If you have done it before, step up again.  The vitality of the Club and its stewardship belongs to each and every one of us.  Is it your turn??
Club activities this month:
Nov 15th  Chipotle Fund Raiser for Interact at LHS.  4-8 PM at 14881 Detroit Ave. Lakewood.
Nov 16th  Lakewood / RR Chamber Joint Luncheon at Westwood CC.
Nov 17th  LCAC Bread and Food sorting at the Masonic Temple Lakewood.
Nov 18th  LCAC Food packaging and delivery.  Masonic Temple Lakewood.
Club Meeting Schedule:
Nov 8th     Club Assembly
Nov 15th   Walking the Appalachian Trail.
Nov 22nd  Peppers Restaurant Lakewood, Bob Buck.
I hope to see you Wednesday.              
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We had a modest, but adequate, turnout for the Beck Center Cleanup.  It was drizzly and cool, but your fellow Rotarians made fast action of the work under the watchful eye of our organizer, Bill Gaydos. A “Thank You” to:  Jim Penning, Jim Rowe, Jim Harris, Mike Hamed, Lynda Carter, Maria Drummond, Bill Gaydos and myself.  We had plenty of nutritious doughnuts and hot coffee.  Can you have too many doughnuts? Each year the task gets easier as we seem to have been able to get ahead and stay ahead of the project.  If only our Browns could be so fortunate to get ahead and stay ahead.
Marty Harris has brought our Club the opportunity to read to elementary students at Harrison School in Lakewood.  The program is intended to give children that are struggling a helping hand.  Isn’t that what we do??  The teachers at the same school have provided us with another opportunity, this time to help them.  On the day of Parent Teacher conferences usually the school PTA puts on an early dinner meal for the teachers.  The PTA is not functioning well and they have asked us for help.  Marty and Dave Bruedigam will discuss this and bring any special requirements to the members.  More information at our meeting.
November is Rotary International Foundation Month.  Jim Penning will discuss the importance of the Foundation for a few minutes at each meeting this month. We all need to continue to support the International Foundation and the many things that the money supports.  I realize this time of year everyone is shaking the money tree and RI is not much different in terms of financial needs.  What sets RI apart from the vast majority of non-profits is the stewardship and frugal management of the foundation assets.  Rotary International has a very low administrative expense and the distribution of much of the funds is managed at the local level to include international projects.
Our rotary calendar looks like this:
Nov 1    John Pyke.   History of the RR Metro Park
Nov 6    Club Assembly  Committee Break Out, Fund Raiser, Board Nominees
Nov 15  Walking the Appalachian Trail
Nov 22  Bob Buck.  Peppers Restaurant
Outside of our Rotary Club Meeting:
Nov 4    Interaction Event at Cuyahoga Falls HS.  Interact  from Lutheran West HS & Lakewood HS Clubs
Nov 16  Lakewood & RR Chamber Joint Luncheon at WW CC
Nov 17  Bread gathering and sorting at the Masonic Temple, LCAC
Nov 18  Food packaging at the Masonic Temple, LCAC   
In your daily life, don’t forget the “ASK”.  Are you interested in Rotary??  Would you like to donate and/or attend our Fund Raiser on February 9, 2018.
Keep “Making A Difference”.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Good weather has continued to smile upon us.  I'm hopeful everyone is taking advantage and getting their outdoor activity fix.  No doubt we will pay the price this winter, so make the best of it.  Our Interact and Exchange students at Lakewood HS have been busy.  This weekend they had a party at Kirsten Senger's home and they are busy getting the Shelter Box display set up at LHS.  They are selling painted rocks and challenging other groups to get involved to raise money to buy a Shelter Box for hurricane relief.
Our guest speaker last week was Bryce Sylvester, the Director of Planning and Development for Lakewood.  He did a great job presenting everything happening in Lakewood.  Our guest speaker this week is a good friend of Dave Schaeffer, Andi Udris.  Andi wears many hats, Economic Dev. Director for Brooklyn, CSU Professor and a co-owner of the Hofbrauhaus downtown.  On the horizon we have:
Nov 1    John Pyke - History of the Rocky River Reservation
Nov  8   Club Assembly
Nov 15  Walking the Appalachian Trail
Nov 22  Bob Buck - Peppers Restaurant, Lakewood
Nov 29  Corporal Herman Williams, USMC
Dec  6  Club Assembly
Dec 13  Vocational Presentation
Outside of our Club Meetings:
Oct 26  RRCC luncheon at Westwood CC. Dave Johnson on Cleveland's Winning Streak
Oct 28  Beck Ctr. Clean Up 8-10 AM
Oct 30  Noon Club Fred Mcleod with a 2017/18 CAVS update.  RSVP Noon Club if you plan to attend.
Nov 4   10:00 am to 2:00 pm Interaction event at Cuyahoga Falls HS.  Lutheran West & Lakewood HS.
Nov 16 Lakewood/RR CC joint luncheon at Westwood CC.
I will be out of town this Wednesday and Jim Rowe will run the meeting.
All the best,
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Years ago I had a sports team coach that told me that it was more important to be available to play every game than to be the best player that played occasionally.  Rotary is a little bit like that.  Rotary meeting attendance means engagement, which equates to effectiveness and results.  Not too many years ago, Rotary was adamant about meeting attendance and in recent years they have relaxed that policy.  You can make up meetings with other clubs, make up online or just plain miss the meeting.  But attending weekly meetings helps build comradery and keeps you in the know about projects and other activities.  So my ask is that you do your level best to make as many meetings as you can.  Our Club’s strength is in our members and we need everyone pulling as a team.  
Happenings Outside of Rotary
Oct 19  5-7:30 PM at Forage in Lakewood.  Noon /Sunrise Social Mixer.
Oct 20  11:30 AM Luncheon at Brennan’s.  Cleveland Clinic presenting on “Can Lakewood become the Healthiest City in America?”  Lakewood CC
Oct 21  TBA  Halloween Party for the Exchange Students & Interact Students.  Kristen Senger.
Oct 26  11:30 AM Luncheon at Westwood CC.  Dave Johnson presents Cleveland's Winning Streak Continues...On and Off the Field  Rocky River CC
Oct 28  8-10:00 AM.  Beck Center Clean Up.  Bill Gaydos.
Nov 4   10:00-2:30 PM  Interaction Event at Cuyahoga Falls HS.  Interact from Lutheran and Lakewood HS.
Nov 16  11:15 am.  Lakewood/Rocky River Joint Luncheon at Westwood CC.
Our Guest Speakers
Oct 18  Bryce Sylvester.  Economic Dev. In Lakewood.
Oct 25  Andi Udris.  Hofbrau House.
Nov      Rotary Foundation Month.
Nov 1   John Pyke.  Rocky River Metro Park History.
Nov 15 Walking the Appalachian Trail.
Nov 22 Bob Buck.  Peppers Restaurant in Lakewood.
See you Wednesday.
Club President Chuck Drumm and Kathy Bershire gave Kim Murphy her official swearing-in at our meeting this morning. 
All welcome Kim as our newest member of the Lakewood/Rocky River Sunrise Rotary Club! 
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
A little rain finds its way into everyone’s life occasionally and we got some much needed real rain early this Monday morning.  We really didn’t need the rain cloud to include the Browns and Indians both losing yesterday, but our hope and aspirations can’t be deterred by one day of rain.
So I guess the sports metaphor is to keep working to be better and win the next challenge in our daily lives.  The help we all provide in our local communities is an important piece of the fabric that supports Rocky River, Lakewood and beyond.  Our annual Fund Raiser which is February 9, 2018,
is an important part of our effort by providing us with the funds needed for our programs.  Please think about your contribution to this effort and what you can do to make the Fund Raiser a success.
There is never a shortage of things happening in our communities that we do or could be involved in:
Oct 12  2-7 PM at the Umerley Center  RR Chamber Business Expo
Oct 19 5:30-7:00 PM at Forage in Lakewood.  Noon/Sunrise Club Social Mixer
Oct 20  11:30 AM Luncheon at Brennan’s.  Cleveland Clinic presenting on “Can Lakewood become the Healthiest City in America?”  Lakewood Chamber of Comm.
Oct 21 TBA  Halloween Party for the Exchange & Interact Students.  Kristen Senger.
Oct 26 11:30 AM Luncheon at Westwood Country Club.  Dave Johnson presents "Cleveland's Winning Streak Continues...On & Off the Field!"  Rocky River Chamber of Comm.
Oct 28 8-10:00 AM Beck Center Clean-up Project.
Nov 4  10:00 AM - 2:30 PM Interaction Event at Cuyahoga Falls HS.  Interact from Lutheran West and Lakewood HS.
Nov 16 11:15 AM Lakewood/RR Chamber Joint Luncheon at Westwood CC.
Our guest speaker program list is filling in very nicely thanks to your ideas and Jim Rowe’s hard work.
Oct 11  Phil Ardussi.  A history presentation on RR.
Oct 18  Bryce Sylvester.  Economic development in Lakewood.
Oct 25  Andi Udris. Economic Devl. of Brooklyn , Professor at CSU & Cle Hofbrauhaus.   
Nov 1   John Pyke.  Rocky River Metro Park history.
Nov 15 Walking the Appalachian Trail.
Nov 22  Bob Buck.  Peppers Restaurant in Lakewood.
I hope to see you this Wednesday       
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
It is very difficult to pen an uplifting message when the news is filled with the details of the tragic events in Las Vegas.  Couple this with the impact weather has had in our country and territories recently and you might think everything we know and love is lost.  But I think it ought to motivate each of us to continue to do our part, big and small, “Making A Difference” in our community and world.  So harness your passion, give thanks and work to make things better at every level possible.
This week’s meeting is Club Assembly.  We will report on any Board actions and we will gather by Committee to discuss our plans and activities.  We will also converse about our upcoming Fund Raiser in February 2018.  Please bring to our meeting any items you have for this event.  The idea is that every month we all do our part by bringing in an item or two and before long we have the makings of a good auction.        
Wednesday we will also swear in our newest member, Kim Murphy, Director at O’Neill Healthcare in Lakewood.  Let’s all welcome Kim and get her involved in our Club and make belonging to our Club a meaningful experience.   I look forward to seeing everyone this week.    
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
The weather outside is Hot, Hot, Hot.  Maybe it's the old "We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave" or maybe it's just the fabled "Indian Summer".  In any event, enjoy the warmth while it lasts.  Our normal high this time of year is in the upper 60's.  And yes, the leaves are turning and college football is moving into it's fourth week already.  While our weather is unpredictable, how about those Indians??  October will be interesting for all of us Cleveland Indians fans and the predictions are good for the post season.
On the Rotary front, this week at our meeting our own, Carol Barrett, will share why she "Stays in Lakewood".  I'll bet we all have a variety of reasons why we reside where we do and I'm sure many of them will mirror Carol's feelings.  I'm looking forward to Carol's presentation and I'm sure it will cause us all to reflect on the communities we live and work in and what we can continue to do to "Make A Difference".
Please open your heart, home and any special activity to our exchange student Maria.  Our Club's obligation is to make her experience as full and meaningful as we can.  It could be a movie, dinner out, a neighborhood block party, a museum trip, maybe a ballgame.  Whatever.  Our Club Board voted at the last Board Meeting to support the exchange program in the 2018-2019 Rotary year.  The financial obligation is the easy piece of this commitment.  The real work is host families, a good cultural experience and integrating our guest into our own lives.  Think about what you can do to "Make A Difference" in Maria's life.
Enjoy the warmth.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
The month of September is slipping away rather quickly.  This past Wednesday at our meeting we had a special guest.  Bill Pinter from Florida was in town. Bill was one of the driving forces to establish a morning club in addition to the noon club.  He was kind enough to walk us down memory lane as well as share with us a little information about his Rotary Club in Florida.  It was just a great visit.
This week we will host Diane Vogt from HUGS.  The HUGS Foundation supports a residential treatment center for sober living.  They deal with chemical
dependency and alcohol dependency.  It’s always a timely topic and certainly one that touches many families lives.  We look forward to her presentation.
Outside of our meeting all of us are invited to the Hospice of Western Reserve West Campus Open House Oct 5 from 3-6PM.  Mark the calendar for Oct 12, 2-7PM for the Annual Chamber sponsored Business EXPO at the Umerley Center.  And please don’t forget our Auction Fund Raiser Feb 9, 2018.
Do something this week to “Make A Difference”.      
Dear Rotarians & Friends,
Watching the weather in Texas and Florida these past few weeks has been difficult.  These historic weather events are devastating and they will change life’s trajectory for many of the people of these areas.  So many people live on that ragged edge and these events can be more than they can manage.  Think of these folks and what you can do to “Make A Difference”.   In a recent publication, the greater Cleveland area was rated the second safest metropolitan area to live in following Syracuse for our weather extremes and geophysical considerations.  It’s good to be in an area that is predictable and safe even if it does get snowy and cold.
This past week at our meeting Marty Harris led the group discussion regarding our upcoming Fund Raising Event, February 8, 2018.  As you move through this week and into the near future, think about who you will invite to attend and what items you can source for the auction.  As you all know, for a variety of reasons we did not do a fund raiser this past year.  This puts added pressure on all of us to make this event a big success.
Each month our District #6630 publishes an online newsletter.  Mike Johns has shouldered this activity for many years and he does a great job.  He’s always looking for fresh material, usually with a direct Rotary connection, but occasionally an interest piece on someone or something noteworthy touched by a Rotarian in our District.  Do you have something you would like to share regarding our Club or an activity that would be of general interest??  Send it to Mike and become a contributor.  Let the District know what they are missing.  Speaking of the District, our own Kathy “Buckeye” Berkshire will continue to work as the Assistant District Governor at least for ceremonial purposes.  Thank you Kathy for your continued support to the District organization.
Tonight is our Club Board Meeting at the Lakewood Public Library.  This Wednesday’s meeting features Phil Ardussi from the Noon Club presenting “Rocky River, The Beginning”, a historical look at our city. This will be the first history piece by Phil and we also have Lakewood History coming soon as well.  Phil is a historian and photographer by avocation and will make our meeting entertaining and interesting. Wednesday evening is the Annual Clambake at Clifton Beach sponsored by the Noon Club.  A Clambake does mark the beginning of Fall.  
Go out today and “Make A Difference”.    See you Wednesday.     
Dear Rotarians & Friends,
I'm confident everyone has been enjoying Labor Day in spite of the not so perfect weather.
How can it be September already.  School is in session, football on TV and our Indians in the hunt
for post season play.  Time does just fly by.  I recall my parents uttering that lament and now I'm
living it.
Speaking of time flying, the Noon Club is hosting their Annual Clam Bake at Clifton Beach, September 
13th.  This is a great event for Rotarians and families from both Clubs. Vicky Foster, President of
the Noon Club, is the contact for your RSVP. Flyers about the event will be available at our meeting
Wednesday's meeting will be a Club Assembly and the focus will be on our Auction Fund Raiser which
is scheduled for February 9, 2018.  Marty Harris is the Chair of this event and she needs the full support
from every Club Member. 
On a somber note, Anne Giffels, Tom's wife, passed away this past week after a courageous battle
with cancer.  Anne attended many of our Club's events over the years and she was always a happy
and supportive person of everything we did as a Club. Tom is a Charter Member of our Club and has served
in many roles and Club Officer positions.  We extend our deepest sympathy to Tom and his family. 
Calling hours are Wednesday, September 6, 3-7 at McGorray-Hanna Funeral Home, 14133 Detroit Avenue in
Lakewood and a memorial celebration will be held at the Nicholson House on Saturday, September 9, beginning at 6.
All the best in "Making A Difference".
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
What a wonderful fall like weekend to take us into Labor Day.  While we bask in our great weather, say a prayer for
the people touched by Hurricane Harvey.  It’s just an amazingly large storm and it will take those directly affected
months to recover.
This week is another busy time for our Rotary Club.  The Annual Golf Outing is today at Avon Oaks Country Club.
Thank you Gordon Geiger for managing this event, yet another year, on behalf of our Club.  This Wednesday, our
new exchange student, Maria Drummond will speak to us and tell us about herself, her family and life in Brazil.
Think about what you may be able to do to make Maria’s experience fuller and richer during her stay in Lakewood.
What can you do this week to “Make a Difference”?
Dear Rotarians & Friends,
Our meeting this past Wednesday featured several young women from our Foreign Exchange program.  We heard from Margaret McIllwee who was our outbound student to Germany this past school year.  Maria Drummond, our new inbound student from Brazil, was present as was the Noon Club’s student, Amy, from France.    Every year, these young people offer a glimpse of the future through their mature demeanor and friendly attitude.  I think we can all take some credit and pride in our participation in this worthwhile program.
This next week, Liz Manning, the Director of the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce, will be our guest speaker.  Liz is always informative and will no doubt fill us in on all of the good things happening with businesses in Rocky River.  Our Club is a member of the River Chamber and anyone of us is always welcome at their meetings as a representative of Rotary.  Speaking of guest speakers, our calendar is filling up nicely with a good variety of presenters.  The task of recruiting speakers belongs to us all, so if you know of an interesting topic and presenter, just give them an “Ask” and Jim Rowe will get them on our calendar.  Just around the corner is the Annual Golf Outing which we co-sponsor. Gordy Geiger is our Club contact person and he’s still seeking foursomes, hole sponsors and auction items.  Just send Gordy an email.    
Our yearly Auction Fund Raiser is on our calendar for Friday, February 9, 2018.  It seems like a long way off, but it will be upon us very quickly.  Start thinking about your guests and other invitees.  Begin the task of soliciting auction items and maybe clear out some of your own personal treasures.  Marty Harris is our Chairperson and she will need everyone’s participation to make our event another big success. 
I hope to see you this coming Wednesday morning.            
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
This past Wednesday evening we had a Club Social gathering at Ken & Kathy Haber’s home in lieu of our morning meeting. The Haber’s did a fabulous job hosting the Club, our significant others and our newest
Exchange Student, Maria Drummond, and her host family.  The backyard setting was perfect, the food was great and the beverages flowed.  It was just an all-around special night for our Club.  Maria was tasked
to draw the winner of the 50/50 raffle.  That saw the winner, a friend of Steve Clark, take home $685.00.  She also drew the winning ticket for the necklace generously donated by Broestl & Wallis.  Kent Zeman’s
wife was the lucky recipient and she wore her new jewelry home.  It was just a great night and we had nearly every member in attendance.
This coming Wednesday we will hear from Margaret McIlwee, a Lakewood High Student, about her experience as an outbound exchange student sponsored by our Club.  Personally, I’ve always enjoyed these
presentations and I’m always taken by the maturity and thoughtfulness of these young High School Students.  Our Club can be proud of our ongoing support and sponsorship of incoming and outgoing exchange
students and our other youth programs.  We will also discuss our February Auction Fund Raiser as well as touch on new Membership opportunities. 
I hope to see you next Wednesday.            
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
This past Wednesday evening a majority of our Club members met at St. Luke’s Church in
Lakewood to package up all of the items we procured to support our project for the “Children
Of The Dump” in Nicaragua.  We packaged about 70 “Shoe Boxes” containing clothing,
hygiene, school supplies and fun items for boys and girls.  We also packed up “Layettes”
for new mothers and babies.  This project would not happen without the efforts of Bill Gaydos
and his wife Jayne.  Jayne gets credit for being the real driver behind our success, from the
organization of bulk shopping, right through to the packaging.  Not to be overlooked are our
special shoppers: Todd, Tim, Carol, Gordon and Bob that helped with the bulk purchases.
Our Club supplies about 10% of all the goods sent to this deserving cause.  Thank you all
for your individual contributions and efforts.  We are a better Club for doing this each year.
This coming Wednesday we will not have a morning meeting, but instead, we will gather at Ken & Kathy
Haber’s home at 17897 Lake Rd., Lakewood, at 6:00 PM, for a Club Social.  Ken and Kathy
will provide beer, wine, pop and appetizers and a lovely back yard setting.  We will also be
drawing the winner of the 50/50 cash raffle and the winner of the Broestl & Wallis Fine Jewelers
necklace they so generously donated.  Please RSVP to Ken if you have not already done so. 
Thank you Ken and Kathy for your hospitality.
As a reminder, we have a Board Meeting, Monday, August 7th, at 6:00 PM, at the Lakewood
Library in the basement meeting room.  Please make every effort to attend.  Let’s all continue
our work at “Making A  Difference”.  
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
It’s the first day of August and it’s a picture perfect day.  What a great way to move into the month of August.  August is one of those transition months as vacations end and the kids begin returning to school.  It will be a transition for our Club as well when we welcome our newest Foreign Exchange student, Maria Helena Drummond from Brazil.  For Patty Boesken and Bill Minnich, August is their birthday month, so let’s all wish them many happy returns. 
The month of August will get off to a fast start with our August 2nd morning meeting and “Shoe Box” assembly at St. Luke’s Church that same evening at 5:30PM.  The “Shoe Box” project is a fun event when we package up the goods for the shoe box distribution to the “Children of The Dump”.  As always, food and beverages will be provided.  August 9th at 6:00PM we gather at Ken & Kathy Haber’s home for an evening social event, our Jewelry Raffle and our 50/50 Raffle.  Note we will not have a morning meeting on the 9th, so you are encouraged to attend the evening’s party.  Appetizers and beverages are provided.  Please RSVP to the Haber’s on Wednesday.  August 28th is our annual Golf Outing which we share with the Noon Club and the Chamber of Commerce.  This event is always well attended and a don’t miss it if you’re a golfer.  Chat with Gordy Geiger for details.
I hope to see you this Wednesday at our morning meeting and later that evening, so we can all continue working at “Making A Difference”. 
440-463-1100 c
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
The month of July seems to be flying by.  We are into the last full week of the month, so get out and take advantage of everything our area has to offer. As you move through the remainder of the month, think about how you can "Make a Difference".
At the conclusion of our meeting this Wednesday, we will have a Fund Raiser Committee Meeting.  If you volunteered to be on the committee, please plan to stay over for the meeting.  This event will be our only major fundraising event and it is incumbent on every member to actively support this effort.
The month of August is just around the corner and it is a busy month for the Club.  We have "Shoe Box" assembly at St. Luke's Church, August 2, at 5:30PM.  This is a fun event when we package up the goods for the shoe box distribution.  Food and beverages will be provided.  August 9th at 6:00PM we gather at Ken and Kathy Haber's home for an evening social event, our Jewelry Raffle and our 50/50 Raffle.  Appetizers and beverages are provided. August 28th is the Annual Golf Outing, this year at Avon Oaks Country Club.
I hope to see you this coming Wednesday at our meeting, so we can all continue working at "Making a Difference". 
440-453-1100 c
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Our meeting this past Wednesday was a Club Assembly.  We had a good conversation regarding the Club's Community activities as well as our involvement with students.  I think it's fair to say we are always mentally reviewing our various activities and whether they are "Making A Difference".  We can always add, delete or fix our efforts to make them serve our communities better.
The Club has unanimously supported bringing back our annual fund raiser to the Don Umerley Civic Center and we have all of the space reserved for Friday, February 9, 2018.  Marty Harris has graciously offered to Chair the event and we all owe her our "Thanks" and full support to make this a success.  The support needs to come in the form of co-chairs and a 100% participation by every member.  So mark it on your calendar now.
We also discussed having every member solicit at least one weekly program speaker this year to address our Club.  At the moment, Jim Rowe has championed this effort and he's done a great job.  Bring those contacts to Jim and we can get these presenters into our schedule.  The notion is that we all have different people or organizations we know of that do things that will be informative and interesting to our members.
The month of August is just around the corner and it is a busy month for the Club.  We have "Shoe Box" assembly at St. Luke's Church and the Annual Golf Outing at Avon Oaks Country Club.
I hope to see you this coming Wednesday so we can all continue working at "Making A Difference".
440-453-1100 c
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July celebration weekend.  We had good weather, Bono in town and the Indians winning. What more do you need for the start of the month?  July just feels like vacation time and I hope everyone has the opportunity to enjoy some of what summer offers.
Our meeting this Wednesday will be a Club Assembly. We will report on our Monthly Board Meeting and we will have an opportunity to discuss our new Rotary year.  I’m asking each of you to reflect on the things that you most enjoy about being a Rotary member and how we can improve and grow that experience and the Club. The Rotary motto for the year is “Making A Difference”.  What can you do, what can we do as a Club, to continue “Making A Difference”?
The month of August is just around the corner and it is a busy month for the Club.  We have “Shoe Box” assembly at St. Luke’s Church and the Annual Golf Outing at Avon Oaks Golf Club.  Just as a reminder, if you worked the Beck Center Clean Up and got free tickets to a show, they expire in mid August. 
I hope to see you this Wednesday.
440-453-1100 c     
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
I would like to extend a “Thank You” to Ken Haber for taking the lead a year ago to assume the Presidency of our Club. It was a critical time and his service has helped us stay united and steady as a Club.  I’m appreciative of the opportunity to serve as your Club President again  and look forward to a fun year with your help. 
I know that we have a very strong group of members and we can grow and serve our communities and fulfill the 2017/2018 Rotary Theme of “Making A Difference”.  Our Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, talks about “doing work that we know will change people’s lives - in ways large and small - for the better”. 
“Making A Difference” is what all of us have been doing and we will continue to do so.  My goals for the year are centered around member engagement and providing a fulfilling experience for everyone while growing membership.  Rotary membership is a bit of a journey.  You may have joined after being encouraged by a friend or your life may have been touched by Rotary at sometime.  Whatever the reason, our personal Rotary experience evolves and matures as each of us finds pathways and activities we enjoy.  Find your path and help Rotary in the task of “Making A Difference”.
This Wednesday’s meeting, our exchange student, Monica, will present her year in Lakewood.  I’m sure it will be a heartfelt and entertaining presentation.
I hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July weekend celebration.
All the best.
June has been a busy month for the Sunrise Rotary Club!
We have the induction of our new President Chuck Drumm who takes over from Ken Haber.
We have the induction of the new Officers and Board.
We had our First Class of our Bill Pinter Award from our Foundation.
And finally there was one more dance for Marti & Louis!
June 26, 2017
Good morning!
Again, thank you all for the gift of the Rotary watch.
At this week’s meeting, the induction of officers and new board members will be held and Louis Fricke, Noon Club Exchange Student, will give a presentation of his past year.  Also, we will raffle off the 4 Premium Club seats for the August 9, 2017 Indians and Colorado Rockies game, starting at 12:10 PM.
Don’t forgot that you can purchase tickets at $20.00 each from Larry Faulhaber for the $2,000 Appraised Value Necklace donated by Jeff Broestl of Broestl and Wallis Fine Jewelers.  Larry will have tickets at all the meetings until August 9, or until all 100 tickets have been sold.  The winning ticket will be drawn during the social fundraiser to be held on Wednesday evening, August 9th at the home of the Haber’s.  As of June 21st, 61 tickets have been purchased.  Keep selling.
Also, don’t forget to sell your 50/50 raffle tickets to benefit Sunrise Rotary Club projects.  The winning ticket will be drawn during the social fundraiser to be held on Wednesday evening, August 9th at the home of the Haber’s.  Members are expected to sell 10 tickets at $5 each.  Please return sold ticket stubs and money to Tim Hill.  If you need additional tickets, let Tim know.
Upcoming events:
July 5, 2017 – Monica’s Farewell Presentation
July 10, 2017 – Board Meeting at the Lakewood Main Library Meeting Room
July 12, 2017 – Club Assembly
August 2, 2017 – Shoe Box and Layette Project
President Ken
June 19, 2017
Good morning everyone.  And, a belated Happy Father’s Day.
I want to thank Chuck Drumm and his committee for organizing the Club’s Charter Night.  The room was buzzing with conversation and laughter.  It was an enjoyable evening.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
The program for this week’s meeting will be the Annual Meeting of the Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation and their report to the Club.  Also, please remember to bring a restaurant gift card to be presented to the Giffels family during their time of challenge.
At the June 28th meeting the induction of officers and new board members will be held and Louis Fricke, Noon Club Exchange Student, will make a presentation.
Don’t forget that you can purchase tickets at $20.00 each from Larry Faulhaber for the $2,000 Appraised Value Necklace donated by Jeff Broestl of Broestl and Wallis Fine Jewelers.  Larry will have tickets at all the meetings until August 9, or until all 100 tickets have been sold.  The winning ticket will be drawn during the social fundraiser to be held on Wednesday evening, August 9th, at the home of the Haber’s.  As of last Wednesday, 54 tickets have been purchased.
President Ken
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